Receiving SMS with the 365SMS service – advantages of virtual phone numbers

A virtual number is an alternative that does not require the installation of a SIM card or a landline phone. It serves a variety of purposes, and the most common is SMS reception. The popular service becomes more accessible with the help of the 365SMS service. Learn more about what virtual numbers are needed for, as well as the nuances and advantages of using them for SMS verification.

What are virtual numbers and what are they for?

The virtual number performs the functions of a regular one, with one difference - it works via the Internet. With it, you can not only answer calls and make outgoing calls, but also receive SMS. This feature will be useful if the user does not want to provide personal data when registering on websites and social networks.

Features of service provision

With the 365SMS service, activation of accounts on ad sites, social networks, messengers, etc. becomes available. The procedure for receiving SMS to a virtual number has a number of features:

  • full automation, providing affordable cost;
  • prompt provision;
  • free sms reception;
  • payment exclusively for messages that have been accepted;
  • refund to the balance for non-accepted sms;
  • affordable prices and discounts for wholesale purchases.

The service provides an impressive selection of countries for SMS activations, and a huge number of numbers. The time for which the number is provided is 20 minutes, and during it it is possible to receive an unlimited number of SMS messages.

Advantages of receiving SMS to virtual numbers

Virtual numbers for receiving SMS are necessary for users who are worried about the inviolability of their data. Moreover, they will be useful if you need to bypass the restriction and create an account from a country where it is not available.

Summarizing, the advantages of the 365SMS service, which provides a virtual number service for receiving SMS, include:

  • quick connection;
  • saving money and time;
  • the possibility of obtaining a virtual number of another country;
  • a loyalty program that allows you to get additional benefits.

The service of virtual numbers for SMS activations and receiving messages is a convenient solution that does not require a mobile device and a SIM card. The service is indispensable for anonymous registration and is provided uninterrupted. 365SMS is a high–quality service for a small price.

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